A polyamide is a polymer containing monomers joined by peptide bonds. They can occur both naturally, examples being proteins, such as wool and silk, and can be made artificially, examples being nylons, aramids. The yarn of this fabric is made artificially to create a non-absorbent highly elastic thread, which creates an exclusive stretch fabric when woven in special patterns. 


Latex-free means that there are no rubber-based components in the make up of the yarn which makes the fabric. This means that there is no possibility of any skin reactions for people who are sensitive to rubber, and there is no absorption properties, which might attract contaminants, bugs or odours. 


Hypoallergenic is a term used to describe cosmetics and textiles that are much less prone to allergic reactions. People with sever allergies can still be affected, but then they will be affected by almost anything.  


Seamless Directional Stitching
There are no folds and seams on most edges of the garment. The stitching around these edges / hems is carefully designed to ensure that the stretch properties of the garment are not hindered. The garment must perform in as uniform a way as possible. Seams have been kept to a minimum, by introducing some stitching to constrain the movement of the fabric. This adds control where the design calls for it. Every garment is designed differently, so the amount of this stitching method varies. 

1) Would MyBodyShaperTM be useful for mothers who just delivered their babies?
Answer: Yes. It is advisable to wear MyBodyShaperTM after the healing of the episiotomy wound. MyBodyShaperTM will help the body to get back to shaper faster.

2: Can a mother who delivered her baby by caesarean section wear MyBodyShaperTM garment?
Answer: Yes, when the c-section wound has healed. It is advisable to consult your gynaecologist/medical advisor before wearing the garment.

3: What type of panty should I wear to complement MyBodyShaperTM?
Answer: Choose panties that you are most comfortable in. Silky waist high panties and girdle should be worn over the top garment for garments to stay close- fitting to your body. (Please have picture of girdle being worn over the top garment)

4: What happens when I have my menstruation?
Answer: Wearing a sanitary towel or tampon with MyBodyShaperTM is quite easy. You can follow your current way of dealing with that time of the month. There need not be any change. *Ask any of our Representatives for more help about this sensitive issue. You can continue to wear MyBodyShaperTM anytime and anywhere.

5: Do I wear my bra under or over MyBodyShaperTM?
Answer: We recommend that you wear your bra underneath the top garment (the lower edge of the bra needs to fit underneath the MyBodyShaperTM garment). You can wear any bra style that you are most comfortable in. MyBodyShaperTM provides lifting support under your breasts, and enhances your bust line.

6: How many hours must I wear MyBodyShaperTM for a day?
Answer: MyBodyShaperTM can be worn all day and stay comfortable whilst you maximise your looks. You are adding a layer in your garments, so you must choose the rest of your clothing carefully, and ensure that it is light weight, especially if you are spending much time in open air, or not indoors under an air-conditioned environment. MyBodyShaperTM breathes, and does not absorb moisture, so it acts like a second skin. It is another layer however, so you do have to accept that it will not be as cool as if you did not wear anything at all. Compared to other similar products, this one is very effective and comfortable.

7: Can MyBodyShaperTM garment help me to slim down?
Answer: Consistent wearing of MyBodyShaperTM garment, that provides even and snug compression, naturally helps the wearer from 'hunger pangs' and excessive eating, which aids in the slimming process and in losing weight. We also recommend doing regular exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet together with wearing MyBodyShaperTM Garment daily to help you achieve great results for a tout and contoured body shape! Do refer to your Nutritionist/Medical Advisor for assistance on adopting a healthy diet!

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