How To Care


  • Your garment needs to be hand washed, in a similar manner as any other sensitive garment.
  • Use tepid / lukewarm water and a mild Laundry detergent like Amway SA8, which is recomended.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Do not spin dry.
  • Do not wring.
  • Do not iron your garment.
  • Do not soak for extended periods.
  • Dry by laying flat, probably on a towel to remove excess water, which improve drying time.
  • Your garment can be hung in a good quality hanger. Dry indoors, away from direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally, after drying, you should place the garments in a plastic bag and put in the refrigeratorfor1/2 an hour to regenerate the polyamide molecular structures and revitalise the garment's maximum stretch properties.

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