How To Wear

1) Put your arms through the straps and hold tight on the both sides of the garment. 2) Put on the garment from the bottom (over the legs) upwards.
3) Then, strengthen your body and pull up the garment to the top of your chest.
4) Pull out the strap and tuck the elbow into the armhole. Repeat with the other side.
5) Adjust the garment for comfort at the chest, belt line and under armpits.
6) Wear briefs or pants over the garment.
1) Put the top on like you would a jacket or blouse. 2) With firm grip, start the hook and eye from the top and work downwards, then pull it into position.
3) Adjust the straps to comfort and keep your own bra underneath the top garment. 4) With firmness of grip, put the girdle on like you would a pair of training shorts.

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