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The design includes special schemes of over-layed material, and complementary stitching to accentuate the compression in certain areas of the garment.


All stitching are reinforced in the stretch and tension areas, which ensures strength, comfort, and durability. The stretchable seamless stitches flatten out once they conform to the body curvature, making it invisible to the naked eye.

Top garmant / girdle before wearing / stretched

Top garmant / girdle after wearing / stretched


It sculpts and accentuates the bust line. Even without coil bones, it provides maximum tension and support.


It is specially woven to provide multi-directional compression which smoothes out bulges, making you look fantastic while feeling comfortable.

The poly-directional elastic fabric supports and lifts, giving a curvaceous buttock.
1 Poly-directional elastic fabric.
  • Supports targeted body sections.
  • Sculpts and accentuates body curves.
  • Gives comfort to the body.
  • It has a soft, satin finish.
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • It contours and shapes the body well
  • It helps improve posture
  • It helps you look attractive, elegant, sophisticated and confident.
2 Made of synthetic fibres. 90% polyamide + 10% spandex.
  • It is porous, therefore it does not hold heat and allows the skin and body to breathe.
  • It is comfortable to wear and suitable for daily use.
3 Maximum body sculpturing without stays / bones / underwire.
  • It does not poke into rib / breast / hips.
  • It increases comfort.
  • It improves overall look.
4 Precise, scientifically determined amount of compression.
  • Does not have to tight uncomfortable squeezing sensation.
  • Provides sufficent pressure to prevent over eating.
  • Aids in retraction and accommodation of skin.
  • It provides body support with long lasting controlled pressure and eliminates fatique.
  • It aids in weight reduction. It enhances body posture.
  • It reduces flabbiness.
5 Seamless Directional Stitching.
  • Gives tension & stretch support.
  • Does not show defining lines on outer clothing.
  • It smoothes out bulges.
  • It looks attractive and elegant with a smooth body contour.
  • Retains its compression ability over time.
  • The skin and body may not develop rashes.
  • The skin and body may not itch.
7 Good size range.
  • It fits all sizes up to XL.
  • It meets the needs of most sizes.

MyBodyShaper has an exclusive partnership to distribute garments for Yoga Confeccoes Ltd, a world leader in medical and aesthetic compression garments. Yoga Confeccoes Ltd manufactures a million compression garments every year and holds massive market share in both North and South America.

MyBodyShaper brings you 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of compression garments, based upon the precise demands of cosmetic and re-construction surgeons combined with a Brazilian focus on beauty and aesthetic body contour.

MyBodyShaper is a Malaysian owned company, with local knowledge and understanding of the needs of SE Asians – and we wear them ourselves!

MyBodyShaper is a lifestyle garment, suitable for all walks of life.

The Yarn

Our yarn is made of a mix of two principle compounds. 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex.


The polyamide and spandex components are carefully combined to create a very special yarn.


The special patterns of weaving and the complimentary stitching maximise the unique features.


The Fabric

The features of this material are exclusively designed. This remarkable fabric is hypoallergenic, does not retain heat and it breathes. You will experience a garment which holds its shape and gives you maximum comfort and support all day long.

It is able to stretch repetitively and still recover its original shape.

The material breathes and draws away moisture through the material and keeps body cool. (Dri-Fit)
The material is resilient, durable and lightweight.
The material is soft, supple and has a silky finish.

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