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Sally Scully
Public Relations Manager

My professional life is one of the constant pressures to look my best, and my diary is full of social occasions, networking opportunities, luncheons and dinners. Keeping my weight under control and looking my best is essential for my confidence, my health and well-being. I have been wearing the beauty garment for now. The compression features did exactly what they said they would. My bulges are under control, and my shape is enhanced in an elegant way. One of the features they didn't mention was the squeeze on my tummy, which reduces my appetite, so I actually eat less. I feel full quicker! I've lost a couple of kgs! Hooray!


I’m extremely satisfied and happy with the results. Wearing MyBodyShaper gives me immediate shape and I feel so much confident every day.
After wearing about a month, I was surprised to see the difference MyBodyShaper had on my body and had contributed in my weight loss.
I had a blouse which I wanted so much to wear but I could not because of my body size. After wearing MyBodyShaper for a month, I could fit into the blouse easily. MyBodyShaper also help to improve my body posture and provides a better support for my body. I do not easily feel fatigue anymore.
Thanks to MyBodyShaper’s Dri-Fit technology, I do not feel hot wearing it. It is so comfortable and I can wear it the whole day!

Gan Soh Yee


我常为腹部和腿部的赘肉懊恼不已,往往经过一连串的瘦身计划后,体重轻了,松弛的肌肉却无法恢复原状。可是,这一切在我穿了MY BODY SHAPER的*两星期后起了巨大的变化!赘肉减少了!松弛的肌肉也消失无踪!更让我喜出望外的是我瘦了一大圈!橱里的衣服和裤子好像都大了一号!而且配合适当的胸罩,让我烦恼多年的腋下多余脂肪也逐渐改善。


YC Wong

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Success Story

My professional life is one of the constant pressures to look my best, read more

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