Trial Pack Trial Pack RM108.49
Cover Cover RM65.00
Double The Joy - Liner Wipes Double The Joy - Liner Wipes RM84.91
Bamboo Flushable Liner Bamboo Flushable Liner RM21.70
MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) RM21.70
Bamboo-Blanket Bamboo-Blanket RM118.87
Starter Pack Starter Pack RM84.91
Bed-Protector Bed-Protector RM74.53
MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants RM553.00
BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack RM6.42
Experience Package Experience Package RM235.85
Double the Joy - Trial Pack Double the Joy - Trial Pack RM216.98
Double The Joy - Maternity Pads Double The Joy - Maternity Pads RM43.40
BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper RM48.11
New Born Baby Package New Born Baby Package RM125.47
Bamboo Baby Wipes Bamboo Baby Wipes RM20.75
MyBodyShaper Male Garment MyBodyShaper Male Garment RM770.00
Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector RM193.40
MyBodyShaper Top Garment MyBodyShaper Top Garment RM1,088.00
Eco-Soaker Eco-Soaker RM26.42
Bamboo Nursing Pad Bamboo Nursing Pad RM16.98
Eco-Pack Eco-Pack RM297.17
Bio-Soaker Bio-Soaker RM21.70
Promotional Package B Promotional Package B RM344.34
EcoBooster EcoBooster RM16.04
Double The Joy - BamCorn Double The Joy - BamCorn RM141.51
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RM21.70 (including 0 % tax)
 MyEcoNappy Bio-Soaker is a throw-away eco-friendly bio-degradable soaker that is made entirely of wood pulp, paper and bamboo. They come in packs of 18 and might be needed for your practical convenience during travel or visit to friends.
If you are only buying Bio-Soakers and nothing else. We recommend you buy bulk to get better value from your shipping fee.
When you're out and about, you may not want, or have the facilities, to store the reusable soakers after changing. Bio-Soaker gives you the throw-away freedom of disposables (the plastic ones in the pharmacy) whilst maintaining your eco-friendly ethics, and being able to continue to use our great looking and feeling cool-fit, one size, reusable Covers.  
 Bio-Soakers lay into the Covers just like the Reusable Soakers. You don't have to learn anything new about using them. The Bio-Soaker is deliberately long for toddlers.
The additional length is extremely useful for new borns, because you can fold the length over and double the thickness of the soaker (place at front for boys and at back for girls). When you are travelling, this will give you a bit more flexibility for timing changes.
When you're changing diapers, you rinse the solid poo down the toilet (which you should be doing with your plastic disposables as well!!) and throw the Bio-Soaker in the bin. When it gets to the landfill, it will degrade in about three weeks if it stays wet. (We buried some to check).  
To order, simply "Add to Cart". You can review your order in "Shopping Cart" before you confirm your order. For mutliple orders of Bio-Soaker, just keep clicking "Add to Cart" or go to "Shopping Cart".
Each Bio-Soaker comes with how to use illustrations. If you are a first time buyer, don't forget you need Covers to have a full diapering system. Bio-Soaker is for immediate use when it comes out of the bag. You simply unfold flat and lay it in the Cover.
Technical details and product specifications can be found in "MyEcoNappy Diapering System"

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kurrypokteh  (Tuesday, 13 November 2012)
Rating: 5
We tried this Bio-Soaker and liked it sooo much that we are now ordering more online cos we only bought 1 pack back to Singapore to try it out....very
convenient and great absorbency!


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