MyBodyShaper Top Garment MyBodyShaper Top Garment RM1,153.28
New Born Baby Package New Born Baby Package RM133.00
Eco-Pack Eco-Pack RM315.00
Bed-Protector Bed-Protector RM79.00
BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper RM51.00
EcoBooster EcoBooster RM17.00
Bamboo Baby Wipes Bamboo Baby Wipes RM22.00
Bio-Soaker Bio-Soaker RM23.00
Bamboo Flushable Liner Bamboo Flushable Liner RM23.00
Trial Pack Trial Pack RM115.00
MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants RM586.18
Bamboo-Blanket Bamboo-Blanket RM126.00
Eco-Soaker Eco-Soaker RM28.00
MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) RM23.00
Bamboo Nursing Pad Bamboo Nursing Pad RM18.00
Celebration Package Celebration Package RM130.00
Cover Cover RM68.90
Experience Package Experience Package RM250.00
BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack RM6.80
Starter Pack Starter Pack RM90.00
MyBodyShaper Male Garment MyBodyShaper Male Garment RM816.20
Promotional Package B Promotional Package B RM365.00
Seasonal Package Seasonal  Package RM327.00
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