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Double the Joy - Trial Pack Double the Joy - Trial Pack RM216.98
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Are you searching for more about your Pregnancy? All about your baby? What’s happening to you? Help is here, we have selected some Helpful Links which may relate to your needs:
This site will take you on the journey from pregnancy through to toddler. It’s been tuned up for Malaysia, and it’s easy to use. Definitely worth a visit.
A bit slow to load, and a bit full of advertising, but at the same time, check out the information and articles. It’s still pretty good.
This is a nice general site, with a good pregnancy section of five or six articles up front and some archived material deeper in. There’s actually a “Safety” section on the right side of the main menu! This site is easy to get round.

Baby Health

We look around for what we feel are comprehensive and solid sites, which all your needs concerning the topic. Here’s our current top three for Baby’s Health
A comprehensive site, prone to google adverts, but covering a large amount of material in dental, development, health, nutrition, parenting and skin (its alphabetical). It’s very easy to get round this site, with lots of choices of articles under each topic.

This site is much more than just parenting. It covers everything imaginable. The parenting section has loads of practical ideas.

There is so much information for Mum and for Baby! So what about Dad or Dad-to-be? Dad, you are not forgotten. We have a link here that may ease your many many questions or thoughts. The layout is a bit different on the eyes, and there is a heap more stuff in there as well. Enjoy.
This is the web site for the Malaysian Baby Magazine, (Parenthood). Parenthood, a monthly English parenting magazine, hit the local bookshelves on January 2000. Parenthood publishes well-researched articles on babycare and parenting issues that really matter to Malaysian mothers today. Their forums are ok, and health is an important section in this site.


OK! OK! Listen to the cries of Mother Earth! What is that ‘Call’. What can we Earthlings understand and how do we do more to make Earth a better place to live in. And don’t forget the future for our ‘little baby earthlings’. It is not about “What happened to us”. It’s about “What are we doing now for their future”. How much mess are we making on our little blue and white planet, and can we do it a bit better???
a bit wordy, this site is. Lots of good facts in there, and lots of things to think about. It’s worth a pick around and get a feel for all the pro-active things that are possible.
This site has a mission! They want to engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment. Good site, scary how many issues they dig up!!

Wow, big link. We wanted to get you to the bit about landfill. A nice link to let you dig (pun) around the working of a landfill site. There are 220 licenced site in Malaysia and probably about the same again in unlicenced ones – and you know which ones you should worry about!!


We are constantly on the look out for ways to apply ideas in different ways. For our hot and humid Malaysian climate, we wanted to totally improve the way Covers function in diapering systems. Look at these places of learning and be astounded at what they are achieving with fabrics.
This is fabric technology at its best. New fabrics just keep coming and its all about application – innovation in how we use these fabrics.
This is the way fabrics are going to help keep cool, keep dry, breathe, and be healthy.


1.1 Why doesn’t the Soaker attach to anything?

The Soaker doesn’t need to attach to anything. It lays inside the Cover, which snugly fits to Baby’s legs and waist. The Soaker won’t move, unless baby is remarkably squirmy. The elasticated Cover edges will stop any movement. Our primary reason for no snap buttons, no pockets and no gussets, is to avoid places where the Cover can be soiled, and to make it as easy as possible to KEEP THE COVER CLEAN. Simple is best, and it functions quite adequately.

1.2 Are Resusable Diapers Easy to Use?

MyEcoNappy cool fit One Size Reusable Diapers are very easy to use. Eco-Soakers are a simple fold, they lay on top of the Cover, and you lay Baby on top of that. Fastening is as simple as two Velcro tabs around the waist. The washing cycle is easy too. Store (dry-store) Eco-Soaker in a bucket, with a sealing lid, and wash when enough Eco-Soakers have been collected (with simple detergent, no softeners). Hang to dry, or machine dry cool.

1.3 How Many Do I Need?

We have explained this question in Article link [[What do I need]] in Section MyEcoNappy Diapering System. A full diapering system needs enough soakers to get you a full day’s changes, plus the numbers going through wash and dry cycles. We recommend 3 x Eco-Pack is a very good estimate for what you need. A pack of Bio-Soakers on top of that will get you some convenience when travelling.

1.4 Why is the Cover So Special?

MyEcoNappy Cover was designed with Malaysian climate in mind. Temperature and humidity are critical factors in Baby’s comfort, health and hygiene. We scoured the fabrics industry to come up a solution to beat the bench mark systems on the market.

The solution came from the advanced fabrics that are being manufactured for athletics, racket sports, and outdoors adventure sports. Athletes for example, combat with their own generation of heat and sweat to stay dry, and the weather can play a part as well.

Our fabric is lighter, drier, more comfortable because of the application of these most modern fabrics and innovations from other clothing sectors. Check out our [[“Related Links”]] links to see some of the ‘wow’ fabrics that are available now.

It's pretty hard to avoid some warmth, as soon as any clothing is wrapped around baby. We've got the best solution on the market, and we continue to research for improvements.

1.5 Why is the Soaker so complicated?

It sounds complicated when we describe its design, but Eco-Soaker is actually a simple design that gives us some sophisticated results and features. We’ve designed it around three different fabrics each with different functions. It’s a really smart solution.

Remember the objectives, take the pee away from Baby and store it. Make it easy to wash and dry. 

It sounds easy, but then take a look at what materials the disposables industry has had to adopt to achieve those objectives. Eco-Soaker achieves the same objectives with some bamboo, some cotton, and inert polyester, and we don’t want you to throw it away after a couple of hours of use only. We want you to keep using it for a couple of years.


2.1 Why Are Cloth Diapering Systems So Expensive?

Actually, they are considerably cheaper than the modern disposables systems that you find in the supermarket and pharmacy. Mom’s spend more than RM150 per month for more than two years depending on how many changes and which brand.

There is a comprehensive explanation in link [[Save Your Money]] Don’t forget our promotion giving discounts.

2.2 What About the Cost of Washing – Water and Electricity?

It is true that you are going to get some costs from the washing cycles of a reusable diapering system. It is impossible to spend more than a few cents per wash. Your savings against buying disposables are in the thousands of ringgit. If this is an argument for total life cycle costs, then you have to include hidden costs of landfill, and waste management for disposables. You don’t pay directly for those.

2.3 If I Choose Disposables What Does It Cost?

We estimated based on 6 diaper changes per day for two years only. And we used 0.90 cents per diaper as an average cost for the two years. That’s a nice round number of RM4,000 spread over two years. We believe that is a very conservative (on the low side) estimate.

The variables that make it a little difficult are the brand of diaper that you choose, how long before baby is potty trained, how many diaper changes per day, how quickly baby grows – the bigger baby gets, the less diapers in large and extra large sizes for the same money. If you mix disposables with traditional towels, then you costs come down. If you use a cloth diapering system, your costs come down considerably more.

For MyEcoNappy we are very clear about the cost being less than RM1,000. You save at least – at least – RM3,000 incl water and electricity costs.


3.1 Is This Really Making a Contribution?


Landfill is a major issue. Your contribution, both physically and also what you say, is a testimony to Saving the Earth. You reduce landfill space, and you reduce risk of leaching to ground water – it’s a significant contribution.

3.2 What’s Wrong With Throwing Poo in the Bin?

It is actually quite unhealthy. Landfill – where solid rubbish ends up – is not engineered to cope with human faeces. It’s not a compost heap either. It’s a difficult one to argue because of inconclusive scientific evidence – too many interested parties. The anti-campaign points to desease propagation – birds and rodents pick up human deseases and transport them. There is also the question of what goes into groundwater.

It is certain that the majority of disposables end up in landfill with the poo still inside, because people don’t want to do the right thing, and it’s more difficult with a disposable which doesn’t take to rinsing without getting in a real mess.

3.3 What About MyEcoNappy?

We want to be honest. We have gone as far as we can with the available fabrics in industry, and remain competitive so that you, the customer, will buy. So we use bamboo in Eco-Soaker even though it is more expensive. We still have inert polyester based fabrics, because they are technically advanced, lighter in weight and they breathe / wick effectively. We are constantly revising our design choices as technology in new fabrics gets greener. (We think we’ve found a plant based, non poly fabric for our Covers, but it will take some time to test).

Our key message is that you only buy one diapering system, and you keep it for around two years. That’s a recommended 9 Covers instead of 4,500 disposables. Our Bio-Soakers use 68% bamboo mesh and 28% wood pulp. The remaining 4% is inert polyester. We use no gel crystals (SAPs).

Plant a Bio-Soaker in your garden and you will find it gone (you won’t find it ) within the month (assumes Malaysia where it is wet). Total degrading. Plant a disposable alongside, leave it there for several months before you get fed up and throw an intact diaper back in the bin. It won’t degrade.


4.1 How Easy Are Reusable Diapers To Care For?

It is a myth that resuable diapers are diffcult to use and to care for. Yes, there is more work than with disposables, but the using and caring of MyEcoNappy is not difficult. You wash clothes, and you can wash diapers. It’s a small addition. The planning and organisation is pretty simple. It’s a wash cycle for an Eco-Soaker every two or three days, depending on how many you’ve bought and how many changes a day. Washing the Covers is even easier, and can be with the normal wash (mixed with the rest of clothes).

You save money. You save the environment. You have control on hygiene. Your baby is healthier and happier.

Please see our articles on links [[Using and Caring]]

4.2 Will the Diapers Leak?

MyEcoNappy Eco-Soaker and Bio-Soaker have been tested and hold at least as much pee, and mostly more pee, than disposables, depending on brand. There shouldn’t be leaks, maybe an occasional disaster with a very wriggly squirmy baby.

You do need to be watching for a loaded (full) soaker. If you change less often than you should, the soaker can’t cope. If Baby produces a lot of pee, or you want the change to last an exceptionally long time, you can double up the soakers.

If New Baby is small, and the Cover is snapped for small size, the Soakers look long. Depending on Baby's pee pattern, you need to watch for the wicking properties, which may pull pee into the extreme top edge of the Soaker. If the top edge comes out of the Cover, the pee can leak. It is a simple practical fix. Fold the Soaker over and keep the edge inside.

4.3 Do I Need to Pre-soak Diapers Before Washing?

We do not recommend pre-soak. We prefer dry-pail storage of Eco-Soakers and normal washing of Covers (with normal wash). It’s safer than leaving a bucket of water around every day as well. We have heard of accidents with Baby, where crawling Baby gets into the bucket.

Pre-soak is useful if the Eco-Soakers are becoming stained over time, or there is some smell caused by slow accumulation of detergent additives etc. Between ¼ and ½ cup of vinegar or baking soda is a good measure with half a bucket of water. Soak for a couple of hours. Don’t forget that the sun will remove stains for you as well.

Pre-soak is ok occasionally.

4.4 What’s Meconium and Why Can It Stain More?

When New Baby is born, she produces very sticky poo for the first few days, called Meconium. This traditionally has a reputation to stain diaper towelling and is very difficult to rinse off. We recommend using Bio-Soaker for this short period (a few days), mostly because it is very sticky. Eco-Soaker is also fine to use also. It has the fine wicking membrane surface, which makes it much easier to rinse. Using Bio-Soaker avoids intial staining.

4.5 What’s Wrong With Softeners?

Additives in general, and softeners in particular are VERY BAD for the natural fibres in Eco-Soaker. Softeners make a fabric feel better by coating the fibres. Unfortunately, this coating blocks the absorbency of the fibres, and instead of soaking up liquids, the fibres begin to repel them. Softeners stop Eco-Soaker from working properly.

If you have an accident and put some in the wash, extra rinsing will cycles will steadily take the additives away again. You can speed up the process with the pre-soak method above. (This is a good reason for a pre-soak).


4.6 What’s Wrong With Creams?

Creams are not so good for the natural fibres in Eco-Soaker. Creams are sometimes needed to help with a skin problem. Unfortunately, it's the same as the washing Softener, it causes a coating which blocks the absorbency of the fibres, and instead of soaking up liquids, the fibres begin to repel them. Crams may stop Eco-Soaker from working properly. It's no where near the problem of Softeners, so it is definitely ok to use creams, but we recommend don't use creams every day. they are not needed - and it costs money.

If you are a frequent uses of creams, it is ok too. You have to do it 'Your Way'. Keep an eye your Soakers and their absorbency. You may notice their capacity slowing down. Here's another good rason for a pre-soak - see above.


5.1 Why Do Cloth Diapers Smell?

Cloth diapering systems should not smell. Smells may occur from the storage method (before they get washed), or the washing method.

There is a comprehensive article in link [[Using and Caring]] giving our recommendations. There are many web sites offering help also.

Make sure storage bucket and lid have a good seal. If that is the “smell zone” ensure the bucket is rinsed and cleaned when you empty it for a washing cycle.

If the diapers are the cause of smell in the bucket – and it is not normal pee and poo smell - then there is probably a problem with the wash cycle, and something is being left in the washed clothes. Check your detergent type and quantity, check your rinse cycles (see our “Using and Caring” articles).

Another sign of a wash cycle problem – quite often not enough rinsing – is stinky pee smell straight after Baby did it (still wearing). It probably means the natural fibres are getting coated with detergent / additives, and not absorbing properly.

5.2 Why Does My Baby’s Poo Smell?

What comes out is all about what is going in. You will get different smells depending on what Baby is eating / drinking.

If you are concerned about smells which don’t go away, and you think it is the ‘fresh’ poo from Baby, then consult your doctor.

5.3 Why Does My Baby’s Pee Smell?

If you are experiencing a strong pee smell, it could be the same as poo – what comes out is all about what is going in. There could be a reaction with something in the diaper from washing cycles. Check your quantities of detergent, read what’s in the detergent – additives. Check your rinsing cycles – smell the diapers straight out of the machine whilst wet. They should not have strong detergent smells – because of the rinsing.


6.1 How Clean is My Diapering System?
Cloth diapering systems are as clean as you make them. They do not need to be “sterile sanitary”. They are likely to be more sanitary – cleaner – than the disposable that you pull out of the pack of 40 that you spent so much money on. That’s because your Cloth Diapering system through your own washing and cleaning cycle. Your disposable has all the remnants of manufacturing covering it – it’s a new dose of handling, trace chemicals, trace dusts, trace machine/fabric debris, every time you change. When you wash diapers yourself, you know how clean and sanitary they are. You can’t grumble at anybody else for the result, and it is not a lot of work to get a good result!!

6.2 How do I deal with a bum rash?
The sooner you address a rash the better – therefore keep a watchful eye on the sensitive skin areas. Pharmacy will provide special creams to help. Use as recommended. This is a good time to use creams - otherwise we recommend that creams are not normally needed.

Rashes are minimised, and will go down, with careful cleaning and drying of Baby’s bum between changes. Wipes that take the pee off Baby’s bum are in the Pharmacy also. Try also an additional rinse of Eco-Soaker during wash cycles to ensure a detergent free diaper. More frequent changing also helps. If the rash persists, get more help.

6.3 How do I stop rashes happening?
Clean diapers and frequent changes make it easy to avoid most problems including this one. Rashes are generally a reaction of the skin to a wet pee soaked skin, something left behind during bum cleaning, or something left behind in the wash.

A hot and humid climate make rashes form quicker. It is definitely more risk than in a cool temperate European climate, which is why a Diapering System designed for the Malaysian climate is so important.

When you do a diaper change, wipe and check for irritating residual pee or poo. Check (a simple look, feel and smell) diapers went through their wash cycle ok. You are unlucky if there are no problems, or something is wrong (meaning seek some more advice).

6.4 Should I use creams and powders with my diaper changing?
We recommend no creams and powders. They are not necessary. The natural fibres in Eco-Soaker are prevented from working if the creams start to coat fibres from frequent use.

If you decide that you want to use creams or powders, that is ok too. Check for Eco-Soaker losing its absorbency – Baby seems to gets wetter earlier will be the sign. If it starts to happen, a pre-soak will put the life back in Eco-Soaker. See link [[Using and Caring]].


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Dear customers,

Our team is taking a break from 14 April 2018 to 21 April 2018

All orders received during the above period will be processed on 23 April 2018.

Thank you.



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