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MyEcoNappy Diapering System

Simple is good if it performs all the functions of the design requirement. Complex is a necessity to solve a tricky design requirement – or maybe the designer got caught up in the passion and missed the point. Wow! All that in a soaker?? Our designers got to work and researched different solutions with different combinations of fabric weights and weaves. Grown-ups standing round the table tipping measured quantities of water (we didn’t use pee until baby testing!!). How fast did it absorb, did it spread, does it feel wet yet, is it full??? You’d be surprised!!
It turns out that wicking, porosity, permeability, absorbency, weaving, material weight are critically factors in a soakers design. It’s about the actual material – cotton, bamboo, woodpulp, polyester, gel crystal etc etc. It’s also about it’s manufacture – pulp, compressed fabric, woven fabric. Then you can put several layers together to achieve different effects at different times. Does the material take a lot of liquid into its molecular / cell structure (fibre swelling)? Does the material store a lot of liquid in the air gaps between the fibres (fibre wicking)?

The first thing you notice about our Eco-Soaker design is that it has three folding panels. Three panels allow us to open out the soaker for washing and drying. The wash cycle gets maximum access to cleaning the fabrics, and the increased open area helps to speed up drying times dramatically. It started with separate hinges but we integrated the hinges with another step forward.
Baby in BambooThe three fold Eco-Soakers have a function to absorb the pee – fast – and hold a lot of it for a long time. When it comes to washing it needs to clean easily, and dry easily. Our panels are made of two materials. The one nearest the baby (folding always makes it closest to baby) is antibactieral bamboo 100%. Bamboo is the highest absorbency we can find – without using gels which are definitely unfriendly to everything – and we get a health and hygiene antibacterial barrier in the same step. This health benefit does not wash out. The other two panels are selected tensioned weights of micro terry, which have fast high absorbency, and good dispersion, combined with easy cleaning properties. It turns out that the tension in the weaving, and the size / weight of the yarn influence the amount of absorbency in the finished fabric. It’s not just the weight of the fabric, it’s about density.
When you fold MyEcoNappy Reusable Soaker you create a really interesting sandwich of technology. The baby pees onto the soft dry microfleece membrane, which is instantly pulled into the membrane because of wicking properties. Pee is pulled into the bamboo and sideways over the bamboo. Baby’s bum stays dry. The bamboo soaks up the pee and catches up with the speed the ultra fast wicking speed of the membrane.Baby on Cotton
Soaker FeaturesWhen the bamboo starts to get loaded with pee, the first fold of micro terry takes over. It is in direct contact with the antibacterial bamboo panel, which creates the bulk of the absorbency requirement. Now, what we don’t want is for leaks and break out sideways. As the soaker gets full of liquid, the risk gets higher. The third fold of the soaker comes into play at a later stage, because there is a microfleece membrane layer in there.
The membrane acts to wick liquids, and having the membrane top and bottom of the main soaker sandwich maximises the dispersion of liquids in the top two layers. The hinges at the edges also tend to prevent leakage sideways, because the high absorbency soaker material attracts the liquids faster and the membrane moves liquids towards low surface tension areas – away from the cover and legs.
The third panel of the soaker will remain driest throughout – which means the cover doesn’t get soiled so easily. It is our designed in fall back if baby doesn’t get his planned change on time and the diaper gets pushed to its soaking limit. Wow!
MyHappyFamily have designed the most effective cloth diapering system for our Malaysian climate. We’ve been very busy checking out the competition. There are a lot of designs out there. Some are very simple, some are very complicated. Some are very low cost, and some look expensive. Some are very hot, some don’t fit, and some are very difficult to clean. So what makes for the all the ‘hoo hah’? It turns out that the design of a diaper is a bit more tricky than you first thought!
MyEcoNappy Diapering System is the outcome of learning from the experience of the good ideas - and the bad ideas - and applies some innovation with application of ideas and technology in other specialist clothing sectors.
MyEcoNappy re-engineers the Cover by applying the technologies in modern athletics fabrics to keeping baby as cool as possible.
MyEcoNappy re-engineers the Soaker and maximises absorbency and wicking to keep baby as dry as possible as long as possible.
MyEcoNappy maintains simplicity in a two part diaper system, to assure easy fitting, avoid leakage, avoid soiling the cover, and avoid the harbouring of germs in hard to clean gussets and pockets.Flushable Soakers
Flushable SoakersMyEcoNappy provides a bio-degradable throw-away Soaker for times when it is inconvenient to store Reusable Soakers for the wash cycle.
Don’t forget that you’ll save a whole heap of money too. Go to our section on “Saving Money
Flushable Soakers
Flushable SoakersOur system is Malaysian designed for the Malaysian humid tropical climate. We studied the offerings of our competitors, they range from local small businesses to larger European and American / Canadian and Australian imports. They’ve all got their features and benefits, but let’s remember our basic design requirements for SE Asia.
What are our diapering design needs for our Malaysian baby?
  • Baby needs to stay dry and comfortable.
  • Baby needs to stay as cool as possible whilst having a securely wrapped up bum.
  • Baby needs to avoid rashes and infections.
  • When baby grows, the diaper needs to adjust.
  • The diapering system must be easy to use and clean.
  • You need to be able to afford the diapering system.
  • We need to manage the waste in a responsible way.
  • Flushable Soakers
    So what is it we are trying to achieve in a soaker?
  • Keeping baby dry for about three to four hours between changes
  • When baby pees, make the pee soak into the material really quickly – avoiding sideways leaks
  • Don’t let the pee come back out towards the baby, causing rashes
  • Spread the pee into the whole of the material to maximise its use
  • Avoid puddling in the material, and a big saggy wet bit where the pee came out, which squelches and leaks when baby moves around
  • Trap the solids, but don’t let them contaminate the materials
  • Make it easy to fit into the cover
  • Don’t let the cover get wet or soiled, so that it can be reused for more than one change of soaker
  • Make it easy and quick to wash and dry
  • Use green materials, with minimum manufacturing chemicals and processing
  • Maintain health and hygiene in baby at all times
  • What is a total diapering system?

    For a full Diapering System, you need:

    9 Covers, 18 Reusable Soakers, a pack of 18 Bio-Soakers (for emergencies and travel). (That’s 3 Eco Packs and the pack of Bio-Soakers). If you’re a switched-on Eco-Grandparent you can help with gift vouchers for RM50.00. Then Mom can buy her own choices.

    You can use a nappy liner, on top of the soaker, which makes the cleaning and flushing cycles a little easier to deal with. Most pharmacy and supermarkets have them on the shelves for a couple of ringgit. Remember, it changes what is touching Baby’s skin.
    Eco-Friendly Grandparents
    Why?A Change Mat, waterproof and, depending on where you plan most of your changes, padded. We lay a thick soft towel on top. If it gets soiled, it’s easy to replace for the next change. You can change on the plastic if you like. It’s a balance between easy clean versus baby comfort.
    A pail with a lid (usually plastic unfortunately but you don’t throw it away too often!!). This holds used Eco-Soakers before starting the wash cycle.

    Use craems sparingly. Check out Using and Caring for why. Keep some around for emergencies.
    Use regular detergents with no brighteners, and NO softeners. Brighteners reduce the life of the Cover. Softeners reduce the absorbency of Eco-Soaker by clogging the fibres.

    You need an Eco-Friendly baby who demands an Eco-Friendly Mom and Pa.
    The outcome of your MyEcoNappy Total Diapering System decision will be:
  • A happy healthy baby
  • Savings of about RM3,000 in two years
  • Savings in our landfill of around 8,000 disposables
  • A credible contribution to Saving the Earth
  • Why?MyHappyFamily has designed a Malaysian Diapering System for the Malaysian climate. We looked into ways to minimize heat retention, which is a major contributor to baby sweating and becoming uncomfortable. We weren’t satisfied until we came across the design features that are becoming more and more common in athletics clothing and outdoor sports clothing.
    There are new fibres, new ways of weaving to produce fabrics that look good, feel good, breath, stay dry, maintain even temperatures. We researched the market and came up with a new combination of outer cover and inner liner. We still had to use polyesters to achieve the designs, but we aren’t disposing of them every day of the week – just once every two years or so. The result is a fantastic combination of cool-fit, maxi-dry, comfortable cover in exciting vibrant colours. You will love them.Guy Running
    MyEcoNappyWe chose hook and loop (Velcro style) fastenings. They give you maximum size adjustment, and they are easy to work with. The cover fabric is hook resistant (some PUL snags on the fastenings). To further protect your fabrics (if you wash them mixed in with other things), there are laundry loop tabs next to the hook tabs. You simply fold them over before washing, and protect both the fastenings and anything they come into contact with.
    Our outer Cover has ‘stretch’, and so does the inner microfleece. The edges are elasticated to help maintain a snug fit, when baby is moving around. There are three size adjustments in snap buttons at the front of the cover. The hook and loop fastening are reliably and infinitely adjustable. MyEcoNappy Eco-Soakers are easy to fit, and reliably stay in place once fitted. Baby is comfortable, cool and dry in most any conditions.
    MyEcoNappy’s adjustable snap buttons are designed to fold the Cover and change its size. You should be able to use the same Covers set from new born to potty trained. We’ve put some weight indicators on the packs to set the expected limits. For most babies, “one size re-usable” Covers means exactly that - you don’t need to buy any more! See “Using and Caring” section of this web site to get more details on the procedure to adjust the size of the Covers using the snap buttons.
    MyEcoNappy’s inner microfleece is also manufactured from the new technology fabrics. One of the key features you notice with MyEcoNappy Cover is its bulk – there’s a lot less. This new fabric combination performs the usual features of comfort, dryness, and wicking away from baby, should the soaker be left on too long. In addition, you get less movement constraints – because of the lack of bulk, and you get less heat retention – because it’s breathing and thinner.
    MyEcoNappyYou’ve got seven great colours to choose from. The same Cover is used for both re-usable Eco-Soakers and biodegradable Bio-Soakers. You only need one set. Because your MyEcoNappy Diapering System is designed to prevent leaking of the soaker - the Soaker lays on top, not inside a pocket or in overlapping gussets – you won’t get so many soiled Covers. That means you won’t need to change the Cover as often as the Soaker. They are genuinely re-usable most of the time. You’ve got expect occasional accidents, but there shouldn’t be many! That means greater economy!
    Bio-SoakerMyHappyFamily has the total solution to cost saving, eco-friendly diapering systems which maximise health and happiness for baby and mum, and keep work to a minimum. Using and caring cycles are simple and easy.

    When you are very busy, travelling, away from home, or visiting friends and relatives for long periods, you don’t want to be carrying a soiled and wet nappy around. Baby can’t wait!! When it’s time to poo – it’s time!
    At MyHappyFamily, we don’t want to encourage you to use regular designs of disposable nappy because they are not eco-friendly. Check out the landfill and toxic waste issues in our articles on Save the Earth.

    MyHappyFamily looked for a substitute to high plastic content, and soaker absorbency created by gel crystals. We found it!! This is the place to get highly absorbent 100% bio-degradeable (weeks not years for total degradation) woodpulp and bamboo travel soaker inserts.
    MyEcoNappy Bio-Soaker contains a very small amount of polyester in a form which enhances wicking. Its eco-friendly and inert. The outer membranes are paper and also help wicking properties. Pee is pulled away from baby and into the soaker. The inner material is 96% plant material manufactured for high absorbency and permeability, which outpaces regular disposables. The mix is simple wood pulp from high growth renewable forests, and antibacterial bamboo pulp for high absorbency. It’s a hypoallergenic design.
    Rinse Bio-Soaker
    MyEcoNappy Bio-Soaker is a true bio-degradable throw-away soaker. Note that we recommend shaking the solid poo and rinsing the soaker’s surface down the toilet, which should be standard practice for all regular disposable diapers also. Serious health and environmental issues have been identified, through research, into landfill’s bio chemistry and ground leaching. The baby products industry publish conflicting data on this long standing issue. Search the web. Never mind, just rinse them!!
    MyEcoNappy Traevel Soakers are delivered in packs of ten and twenty for convenient packing when travelling. You get a plastic storage bag inside the pack to keep soiled nappies if you are travelling on the road or visiting. Bio-Soakers are a simple replacement for the reusable cloth soaker, and fit into the MyEcoNappy Covers in exactly the same simple way. The only thing that is different is that you do not wash them!
    MyEcoNappy Bio-Soakers come straight out of the bag. Open it out completely – it’s a large rectangle. There is no wrong side up. Both side will wick away liquids effectively. Open out MeEcoNappy Cover (check the help instructions in Using and Caring). Tabs should be unfastened from the laundry tabs and flat, logos and outer cover to change mat, inner microfleece on top. MyEcoNappy Bio-Soaker lays straight on top just like the Reusable Soaker. Baby lays on top just like normal. No hassles!Bio-Soaker
    Baby TravellingHappy travelling from MyHappyFamily.
    Why?We would like to see you take your baby through its diapering years and not have to explain to your grown up - more Eco-aware!! - sons and daughters, “How come we didn’t ‘Save the Earth’ when we knew about the plastic and the landfill?”. And they will be more Eco-aware than we are!
    MyEcoNappy gives you a complete solution, and we’ve put it together in economical packs to help you build up a total system.
    We’ve made it easy for you to trial the system (if you’re not immediately convinced) with the Trial Pack of 1 Cover and 2 Reusable Eco-Soakers. This is enough test out the features, (but you’ll still be buying this month’s throw away ‘investment’ of about RM150 in disposables). And next months, and next months, and next…Trial Pack
    Diaper ChangeYour baby is going to need the usual 5 – 7 changes a day, so it’s easy to figure out you need that amount of Reusable Eco-Soakers per day, and less Covers since they won’t get soiled very often. We also offer Bio-Soakers, which can be thrown away for times when storing used Eco-Soakers is not convenient.
    We made a full day’s supply easy to buy in our discount priced Eco-Pack. An Eco-Pack is 3 Covers and 6 Reusable Eco-Soakers.

    You’ve got to get through the washing cycle and need a few spares, so we recommend a full diapering system consists of 3 Eco-Packs. That’s 9 Covers and 18 Reusable Soakers. That’s simple, 3 Eco Packs! And it’s still less than a third of the costs associated with disposables!
    Eco Pack
    Trial PackIf you’re a friend or relative, you can buy on line just the same and have the delivery straight to yourself as buyer, or you can have it delivered to new Mom. If you want new Mom to choose her own colours, you can buy and send her a gift voucher to any value from RM50. If you want to make a presentation gift out of your purchase you can select some cool packaging as well.
    Covers and Eco-Soakers can be purchased on their own if you want to make a top up. Bio-Soakers come in soft bags of 18 for convenient handling, and a balance with economical spending. We courier them for you, and we try to ship same day depending on working schedules and delivery timetables. If you aren’t keen with on line banking, you can call in at one of our related Retail Stores. We will keep our lists up to date so you know where they are.


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