Bamboo Nursing Pad Bamboo Nursing Pad RM16.98
Bamboo Flushable Liner Bamboo Flushable Liner RM21.70
MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants MyBodyShaper Girdle / Slimming Pants RM553.00
Double The Joy - BamCorn Double The Joy - BamCorn RM141.51
BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper RM48.11
Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector RM193.40
Starter Pack Starter Pack RM84.91
Cover Cover RM65.00
Double the Joy - Trial Pack Double the Joy - Trial Pack RM216.98
Eco-Soaker Eco-Soaker RM26.42
EcoBooster EcoBooster RM16.04
Bio-Soaker Bio-Soaker RM21.70
MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) MyEcoNappy Maternity Pad (Non Toxic) RM21.70
Promotional Package B Promotional Package B RM344.34
Double The Joy - Liner Wipes Double The Joy - Liner Wipes RM84.91
Trial Pack Trial Pack RM108.49
Bed-Protector Bed-Protector RM74.53
Bamboo Baby Wipes Bamboo Baby Wipes RM20.75
Double The Joy - Maternity Pads Double The Joy - Maternity Pads RM43.40
Bamboo-Blanket Bamboo-Blanket RM118.87
MyBodyShaper Top Garment MyBodyShaper Top Garment RM1,088.00
New Born Baby Package New Born Baby Package RM125.47
MyBodyShaper Male Garment MyBodyShaper Male Garment RM770.00
BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack BamCorn Disposable Diaper Traveler's Pack RM6.42
Experience Package Experience Package RM235.85
Eco-Pack Eco-Pack RM297.17

Protect Your Baby and You

New Mom wants the best for Baby. Anything that can come between Mom and Baby is a threat. Even letting someone hold Baby can be a mental struggle sometimes. Protection of Baby’s health is a key concern for New Mom. Protection from short term rashes and irritations that make Baby irritable and hard to deal with is one side of it. Keeping Baby protected from the invisible long term forces of dangerous toxins is another side of it. Mom and Baby
  • MyEcoNappy can’t fix world famine, but we can surely do some positive things for the health and well being of New Baby. New Baby grows best if it sleeps well. A flaring rash, or a soggy leaking bum are going to make it irritable, no good for Mom or Baby.
  • MyEcoNappy re-engineers the Soaker and maximises absorbency and wicking to keep baby as dry as possible as long as possible. If Baby stays dry, rashes and irritations are avoided. We can’t make the pee disappear, but our designs work to keep the pee out of the way as long as possible.
  • MyEcoNappy maintains simplicity in a two part diaper system, to assure easy fitting, avoid leakage, avoid soiling the cover, and avoid the harbouring of germs in hard to clean gussets and pockets. Our design has sound principles in simplicity – no gussets, no pockets, no internal snaps. What that means for Baby’s health, is much less skin contact with pee and poo concentrating in corners and folds. When it comes to cleaning, the washing cycle is assured – a much better chance of a totally clean, residue free diaper for next time around.
  • MyEcoNappy soakers have high absorbency in the bamboo fold of the soaker. This fold is nearest to Baby’s bum. Baby gets the antibacterial barrier of the bamboo’s amazing properties right next to its skin.
  • MyEcoNappy Soakers pull pee away from the concentrated area (where the pee comes out – and boys are different from girls!!). The wicking disperses liquids. The absorbency takes it away from Baby’s skin. There is no soggy, squelchy lump in a MyEcoNappy Soaker. Baby’s hate it. Baby is happier, more contented, less irritable – because Baby stays comfortable longer.
  • MyEcoNappy Covers have been designed from new technology fabrics. It means less bulk, a cleaner look and style. Both PUL Outer and Microfleece Inner have been taken from the new international sports clothing arena. Keeping Baby cool was a key factor is our search for fabrics. Baby gets wrapped up – it doesn’t matter which system you use, you can’t avoid it. In a Malaysian climate every effort must be made to avoid heat retention, and pull heat away. Dryer skin. Less sweating. Less skin irritation and rash. That’s what we at MyHappyFamily strive for, and these new fabrics a step forward for your Baby.
  • MyEcoNappy Diapering System is a reusable system. It’s manufactured with an absolute minimum of chemical processes in production. You wash Covers and Soakers frequently. This all adds up to long term health for Baby.
  • No residues in the diaper from manufacturing – even if they were there, Mom washed them out. No traces of weird chemicals like sodium polyacrylate, dioxins, tri-butyl tin.
Don’t forget that you’ll be doing your own personal bit to Save the Earth. Go to our section on “Save the Earth
Supermarket and Pharmacy Disposables are tricky. They’re cheap enough for everybody to be willing to pay month after month (a couple of hundred each month for more than two years ??). You pull them out of a bag, and when you’re done, you throw them away and it’s all done. A good deal all round – or is it. It’s definitely big business doing its level best to provide for your need – Billions (not millions) – billions of diapers are manufactured every year for a global market. Mom and Baby
  • Disposables are heavy on plastic / polymer materials. That translates to heat retention and sweating, and a lack of comfort.
  • When its big business, there is a lot of R&D investment, so some of the design issues are solved. They solve the plastics issues with chemical processes to refinish the surfaces. They solve absorbency challenges with chemical gels.
Baby Rash
  • Because its big business, the media is critical to market share. All sorts of claims are made for and against. But there is some simple logic in there for anybody to figure out. 
  • If I wash my diapering system every day, then anything like a chemical residue that came from manufacturing will disappear.
  • When you pull a new disposable out of the bag, it’s got a range of trace residues from manufacturing. Every change - that’s around six times a day – your New Baby gets a new experience of trace residues. Baby’s skin is sensitive. Allergies are on the increase. They’re hard to tie down to specific environmental issues, but it’s not hard to conclude that keeping away from nasty stuff is a fairly sound strategy for a healthy baby.
  • When they took the chemical gels away from tampons because of toxic shock, Big Business took a significant financial hit in re-engineering their manufacturing processes. They didn’t make the change for fun - statistics finally got the better of them. The same chemicals are used in disposables. It’s a different application but it’s still a worry.
Clean Nappy
Don’t forget that you’ll be doing your own personal bit to Save the Earth. Go to our section on “Save the Earth


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Opinion of Irfan Mohamed about:
Great product. However the adhesive strip on the left side often is loose or comes off. We plan to continue using it. Hope this small matter can be rectified.
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Really love this diaper. A great option when cloth diaper isn't possible for those who travel a lot. Suitable for sensitive skin.
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New promotion. Beli ecopack @ original harga dan top up RM10 untuk eco disposable diaper pack dengan free gift, worth buying.
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We tried this Bio-Soaker and liked it sooo much that we are now ordering more online cos we only bought 1 pack back to Singapore to try it out....very convenient and great absorbency!
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I beli Ecopack ni dekat Baby Expo. I start CDing baby saya. Cover memang bagus, tak sepanas dengan brand lain. Soakernya work best untuk baby. Sekarang, saya tak perlu bangun setiap jam untuk tukar diaper pada malam.rn