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Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector Double The Joy - Blanket & Protector RM193.40
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Bio-Soaker Bio-Soaker RM21.70
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BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper BamCorn Biodegradable Diaper RM48.11
EcoBooster EcoBooster RM16.04
Bamboo Baby Wipes Bamboo Baby Wipes RM20.75
Eco-Pack Eco-Pack RM297.17

Using and Caring for MyEcoNappy

Congratulations on choosing to buy your new MyEcoNappy Diapering System. Let’s take care of your new investment straight from the start. The first bit to know, is that your diapering system needs a wash before Baby’s skin gets to it. We can’t avoid the handling during manufacturing and packing, and it’s common sense to clean any new Baby product before use. It’s going to touch new Baby’s skin!!
Not now, Mom
Not now Mom it's still dry
Another good reason for washing before use is that natural fibres have natural (of course) oils which affect absorbency for the first few changes. Soakers will absorb pee, but the effectiveness increases over the first few washes (up to ten or so) whilst the oils are removed. New Baby shouldn’t have a problem, since she/he doesn’t pee a lot, and helpers are around every second. If you’re changing over to reusable diapering systems, and Baby pees more, then please keep an eye out for needing early changes – just for the first few uses.

There are a few ‘do not’ things to remember when washing. MyEcoNappy Diapering System has natural fibre Eco-Soakers, and the fibres don’t like bleaches or softeners. Bleaches attack the fibres. Softeners coat the fibres, and prevent liquid absorbency with Eco-Soaker. The covers can take a normal wash, but we recommend no bleaches, enzymes or brighteners for the whole diapering system because we can’t be sure what they do. Our recommendations are in the leaflets delivered with the products.
MyEcoNappy Covers are very easy to use. The Cover is adjustable from New Born to Toddler within a reasonable range. Eco-Soakers (and Bio-Soakers) fold and lay flat on top of the open Cover. Baby lays flat on top of that. Bring the Cover up between Baby’s legs and wrap the back side tabs to fasten at the front. Let’s do that step by step. It’s tedious to write and be clear. Watch the video.
  • Set the snap buttons to the right size (New Born, Infant, Toddler).
  • Open out and lay flat the Cover, logos facing change mat, label in microfleece inner facing upwards. The hook fastener tabs should be off the laundry tabs and ready to use. Side Fasteners should be at the top (label also). OK. Ready for Soaker.
  • Fold Eco-Soaker. The wicking membrane has three panels of soaker. It act as hinges for the panels. Place the wicking membrane side facing the change mat. Fold one third on top of centre panel. Fold the other third on top of centre.
How to wear
  • Lay the soaker onto the cover. The soaker must have the wicking membrane, stitched pattern facing up. You turn the soaker over, see picture above. It will work best if the bamboo centre panel is closest to Baby’s bum. If it is the right way up, you can see a stitched pattern and you can’t unfold it.
Baby on Diaper
  • Lay the baby onto the soaker (on its back). The label of the cover, and the top edge of the soaker should be approximately level with the small of the back of the baby. The lower edge of the cover, should protrude between the legs of the baby. The fastening tabs of the top edge of the cover should protrude on either side of the baby.
  • Bring the lower edge of the cover up between the legs of the baby, and hold it against the tummy of the baby. Bring the Velcro tabs, one at a time, from the side of the baby and fasten them onto the Velcro loops strip at the baby’s tummy.
  • Ensure that the baby is comfortable by checking all the edges of the cover for a snug fit. Too tight will cause discomfort. To loose may allow leaking. The edges of the diaper are elasticated to help get a snug fit for all sizes. The fastener tabs allow complete flexibility with waist line fit.

Congratulations, you have fitted your MyEcoNappy to baby!!

Read any packaging on any brand of disposables. Somewhere in the small print, it will tell you to rinse poop solids off the disposable before you throw it in the bin.

It’s all about health, and what happens in the landfill. The theme of issue is to prevent raw human poop from entering landfill. In the US it’s over 3 million tones of disposables a year, and most people don’t bother to rinse the poo down the loo.
  Diaper Mountain
In Malaysia toilet systems have made it easy for us. Nearly all toilets have a hose and spray attached. In a lot of western countries this is not the case. There is no hose. For us, it is as simple as using the hose to spray-rinse the poo into the loo and flush it.
  • Solid poop should just be shaken off into the toilet and flushed.
  • Softer poops can be spray-rinsed with the hose.
  • Softer poops can be spray-rinsed with the hose.
  • If you don’t have a hose, you can wear rubber gloves and dunk the soaker in the toilet whilst flushing. It works fine!
  • Note that if you are breastfeeding, the breastfed poop can be spray-rinsed, but you can also throw it straight into the washing machine. Maintain good rinsing cycles and check the rinsing is sufficient.

When the solids are gone, you need to store soakers in a pail, until there are enough to do a washing load. Go to the next section, “Washing & Drying”.

When New Baby is born, she produces very sticky poo for the first few days, called Meconium. This traditionally has a reputation to stain diaper towelling and is very difficult to rinse off. We recommend using Bio-Soaker for this short period (a few days), mostly because it is very sticky. Eco-Soaker is also ok. It has the fine wicking membrane surface, which makes it much easier to rinse.

Here’s our recommended washing method. There are lots of ways. Remember, Here’s the “don’t” bits first
  • Don’t use softeners. Eco-Soaker is natural fibre and absorbency is blocked by softeners.
  • Don’t use bleaches, enzymes, brighteners, or stain removers. These reduce the life of the fabrics (and we want our diapering system to last). They also add a lot of unnecessary chemical additives to the fabric, and we don’t want traces to be left, when it’s Baby’s skin.
  • Check what’s in your detergent.
  • Here’s the short form washing method:

  • Rinse the poo down the toilet and store in a bucket with a lid
  • When its wash time use a double wash cycle, normal temperature – not hot. Use less detergent than usual ¼ to ½ your normal. Good rinsing is important
  • Air dry, or machine dry warm – not hot.
  • Poo Rinsing

    We talked about this in the previous section.

    Soaker Storage

    Here’s the down sides:
    Put Covers in the normal wash – so long as your detergent choices are friendly, see above. Don’t store used Covers.

    Store Eco-Soakers. We recommend dry-store in a bucket with a lid. We use a plastic shopping bag from the supermarket to line the bucket. It makes it easier to lift the batch into the washing machine. It’s simple. Place the rinsed Eco-Soaker in the bucket and seal the lid. Unfold them by shaking, so you don’t have to do it later, when washing. When there are enough to wash, transfer them, and throw away the bag liner. (that’s what was going to happen to the bag anyway).

    Check the web for other methods. Find one that suits you.


    Velcro Covers have hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners. These can snag on the fabrics in the wash. There is a laundry tab for each fastener to protect your clothes. Attach each hook fastener (two of them) to a laundry tab. Eco-Soaker washed best if unfolded.

    Use two wash cycles – sometimes the first one is called pre-wash. Use the double cycle on your machine. Use normal temperature – we use no heating, whatever comes out of the cold tap. Use less detergent, so the rinsing is effective. Use ¼ to ½ of what you normally do. The wash will be effective, and the rinse will be effective.


    Treat Covers like regular baby clothes. Overheating in machine dryers, and excess handling when hot, can damage your garments. Use cool/warm cycles – not hot.

    Eco-Soakers are no different. Air drying – hanging out – is all that is needed. The design of Eco-Soaker helps drying by opening out the three panels giving more surface area to dry. Machine drying is quicker, and effective, warm cycle - not hot.


    The best way to check your washing is look and smell. They should look and smell fresh. The detergents and washing action should have released the pee and poo. The rinsing should have taken the detergent, pee and poo away. If it all went away, there is nothing to smell! Fresh. It’s as good as the smell of your water….

    Remember, this is going against New Baby’s skin.


    Baby smiling For Covers it is rare and a double wash should fix it.

    Soakers sometimes get poo stains. Over time, there can be an accumulation of discolouration, which you don’t notice for a while. Some Moms are philosophical and accept stains are part of the territory.
    The important questions are whether the stain stops the soaker working, or can it harm Baby. No.

    We like to keep the stains out as well. It looks bad. Putting soakers out in the sun is a very simple and effective method of getting rid of staining. You can also add ½ cup of vinegar to the storage bucket with enough water over the soakers before washing.

    Unless you are feeding extremely exotic foods to Baby, what comes out shouldn’t cause any more staining problem than that.


  • 99% of leaks are about changing times, and changing more frequently. If the soaker is full, it’s full. We tested to ensure the soaker has better than average capacity, but there are lots of variables.
  • Washing with detergents which have softeners will coat the natural fibres and prevent absorption. Check what you are using.
  • Fitting should be close and snug. Check by sliding a finger around the elasticated edges. There shouldn’t be gaps, but it shouldn’t feel tight or Baby will complain by being irritated. If there are gaps, this may be a cause.
  • Stains

  • Diapers sometimes get poo stains. Over time, small accumulations may become noticeable. For Covers it is rare. A double wash should fix it.
  • See “Washing and Caring” section for more details.
  • Some Moms are philosophical and accept stains are part of the territory.
  • Smells

  • The bucket storage of Soakers should be ok if it has got a lid that seals well. Make sure the bucket is rinsed between washes. Add a little lavender oil (which also acts like the vinegar) to the bucket. Check the Soakers.
  • Soakers can’t smell unless there is something inside them. Something inside them, means the pee and poo before you wash them. Rinse Eco-Soaker before it goes in the bucket..
  • Soaker-smell could also mean something is left behind after washing, and the smell happens when the next pee gets there. Check your rinse cycles in washing, and smell Eco-Soaker whilst it’s wet – when the washing machine has just finished.
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